Knowing The Prophet Muhammed
Sallah allahu alieh wasalam

Verily all praise is due to Allah, Whom we praise and seek for His help and forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the burden of our evil deeds. Whoever ALLAH guides, no one misguides him, and whoever misguided, No one can guide him. I bear witness that there is no one has the right of worship except ALLAH, and I bear witness that Mohammed is His slave and Messenger.

Brother and Sisters

We talked Fridays before Ramadan about the three fundamentals of Islam, and we said that the First fundamental is that the Slave should know his Lord and Should know his Deen (Religion) and we reached if you remember to the last fundamental, that I 'm going to talk about it today, and that the Slave should know his Prophet (salla ALLAHu Alaihi wa sallam)...

But how can we know our Prophet (salla ALLAHu Alaihi wa sallam) ? and what is the Proof that we have a Prophet ? Here I 'm not going to convince the non-Muslims who hear this khutbah about the truth that Mohammed salla ALLAHu Alaihi wa sallam is really Messenger of ALLAH, because they have to believe first in ALLAH Ta'alla our Creator , as ONE has no associate, partners, son, and forms, once they believe in that, then it is easy for us to talk about other parts of the truth.

But I'm talking now to Muslims who claim they are loving or loved the Messenger of ALLAH salla ALLAHu Alaihi wa sallam and some of them know nothing or few about this great man, who lightened our life by the Mercy of ALLAH Ta'alla, while you find some Muslims adults or children are fascinated with and know every thing about silly men or women like the stars, actors or sport champions, who are simply enemies of ALLAH Ta'alla .

ALLAH Tabaraka wa Ta'alla Says in Quran translation is " Mohammed is the Messenger of ALLAH and those who are with Him are hard against the disbeliever and merciful to each other " surat 48:29

And many other ayias as a proof that Mohammed is the Messenger of ALLAH even if though the unbelievers detested it, So once we believe in the truth we have to work on it and understand it very well, otherwise we may fell in suspicions, or obsessions inspired by the enemies of ALLAH Ta'alla.

Therefore brothers and Sisters I will take more time to tell you few things but important about your Prophet salla ALLAHu Alaihi wa sallam to know Him more and more because if you love one you have to know more and more about him..

His Pedigree or Family tree, He is Mohammed son of Abdullah son of AbdulMuttalib son of Hashim so of Abidmunaff son of Qussay son of Kellab son of Murrah son of Ka'ab son of Lou'ai, son of Khalib, son of Fahir, son of Malik, son of Nazar, son of Ma'ad, son of Addnan, ( and Addnan one of Ismail's sons who is son of Prophet Ibrahim - Peace be upon them- ).

His mother is Ameena daughter of Wahabb, He was born on the Morning of Monday 12th of Rabbee Al-Awwal that's in Georgian( 12/Aug./571) in Makka, and He grown up orphan, as his father was passed away while He was still in His mother womb. But His mother also passed away while He was around seven years old, so His grandfather AbdulMutalib took care about Him and after a year His grandfather died as well, so His uncle Abu Talib took care about Him.

I need you Brothers and Sisters to be aware of this story and to think deeply in this question, Does such orphan could claim Prophecy or misguide the most powerful ,toughest people to wrong path, and oppress the modified creed of disbelievers who were been there ..??

But this Orphan did not share his peers in play nor in entertainments nor His people in worshipping Idoles, He never drunk or committed any wrong doings or sins, and when He reached (40) years He sent as Prophet from ALLAH Ta'alla to the illiterate people, so He stayed in Makka (13) years and migrated to Al-Maddinah and stayed there for (10) years where He died there (salla ALLAHu Alaihi wa sallam )..

This is simply the short story of Prophet Mohammed (salla ALLAHu Alaihi wa sallam ) , but I need you to know more details to analyze, link and understand the tricks of the enemies of ALLAH Ta'alla.

Prophet Mohammed (salla ALLAHu Alaihi wa sallam ) has had the most beautiful face, white over red, shining or brilliant face lookalike the full moon, He was neither so long nor short, wide breast, has huge bread-where today some Muslims hate or dislike to have bread and they shave it like disbelievers -

Mohammed (salla ALLAHu Alaihi wa sallam) has many names, from His names Mohammed , Ahead, Al-Mahhey ( that is the eraser by whom

ALLAH Ta'alla erase the sins and guilts), and Al-Hasshir ( that is this life will not takes long after His emission and death ), and Al-A'kebb ( that is no Prophet after Him)..And ALLAH Ta'alla called Him compassionate and Merciful, HE Sobhanahu wa Ta'alla gave Him two names from HIS names that is compassionate and Merciful..

Let us come to His uncles, how many uncles aunts did our Prophet salla ALLAHu Alaihi wa sallam has? He has (12) uncles, they are AL-Harith, Al-Zubair, Kuthum, Hajjal, Tharar, Al-Mukkawam, Al-Quaydaaq, AbdulKa'abbah, Abu Lahabb(Abduluzzah), Al-Abbas, Hamzah and Abu Talib..Two of them been Muslims only Hamzah and Al-Abbas.

The Prophet's Aunts were six, Safyia, A'Atekah, Arroa, Burrah, Ummaymah,Al-Baytha'ah. Three of them were been Muslims, that is Safyia, A'Atekah, and Arroa.

Maternal Uncles, were three , Asswad, Umair, Abdayaquth. All of them died before His call, while His maternal aunts, were two Farissa, and Fakhitah, where they were passed away before His Message.

Wives, were (12) , three of them were bondwomen (Eemma' ),

Khadija daughter of Kuwailid, who was the first woman Prophet Mohammad salla ALLAHu Alaihi wa sallam Married her and after her death He married Sauda daughter of Zam'ah, then A'iysha daughter of abu baker al-seddeq, then Hafssa daughter of omer bin Al-Khatabb, then Umm Habbibah (Ramlah daughter of Abu Sufian), Umm Salamah (Hend daughter of Ummaiah - was the last one died of His wives), Zainab daughter of Khuzaimah, Maimoonah daughter of Al-Harith (who was the last woman Prophet Mohammad salla ALLAHu Alaihi wa sallam had married), Zainab daughter of Jahesh (was the first who died after Him), Guwairiha daughter of Al-Harith, Safiah daughter of Huyiay son of Ahtab.

His sons were three males Al-Kassim , Abdullah and Ibrahim (all were passed away young) and 4 females Zainab, Ruqaiah, Umm kulthoom and Fatima all of them from Khadijah except Ibrahim from Maryia.

His sons in law

2. Abu Al-A'as son of Al-Rabee'a married Zainab
3. Uthman son of Affan married Ruqaiah
4. uthman son of affan marreid Umm kulthoom again after the death of her sister ruqaia.
5. Ali son of Abu Talib married Fatimah and they have Al-Hassan, AlHussain and Muhssin( passed away young) Zainab and UMM kulthoom.

His nurses, who breast fed Him (salla ALLAHu Alaihi wa sallam ), were two beside His mother, they were Thuwaybiah, womeanbond of His unlce Abu Lahab did that for few days then Halima Al-Saadiah.

The firstone who believe in His call to ALLAH Ta'alla is His wife Khadijia then His cousin Ali, then His servant Zaid son of Haritha then Abu Baker Al-Seddeq, and the first of Slaves who believe in Islam was bellal Al-Habashi

There were four Muathins for Prophet Mohammad (salla ALLAHu Alaihi wa sallam ) , Belal son of Rabah, who is called also Belal Al-HabashiAbdullah son of Mother of Maktoom (in Madena ), Saad Al-Kar'd, Abu Mahthora ( In makka).

And He has seven horses, and six mules and two donkeys and three riding camels and nine swards and two spears and five lances, and two hamlets..

The only one of all the Prophets and Messengers that ALLAH Ta'alla made swear by his life was Prophet Mohammed (salla ALLAHu Alaihi wa sallam ) as honoring to Him as HE mention in Quran the translation is " Verily by your life O' Prophet, in their wild intoxication they wander in distraction to and fro " surat al-hejer 72, and His name mentioned in Quran 4 times as in ALUMRAN144,Al-Ahzab 40, Mohammed 2, AlFAteh 29.

His clerks were, Ali Son of AbuTalib, Uthman, Mua'wyia son of Suffian, Omar, Abu Baker, Zaid son of thabit and others, the most one was Zaid son of thabit and Mua'wyia son of Suffian after opening of Makka..



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