"Before He was Taken To Prison"
by: Sheikh Ahmad Musa Jibril

Ibn Taimeih was a great scholar who was summoned and then imprisoned numerous times during his lifetime. The reason behind this was due to the savages (ruwaibidah) of his time who were jealous of his knowledge and ability to win the hearts of many. They also abhorred how he had an effect and influence on the people through his knowledge, wisdom, and sincerity.
Before he was taken to prison, he said his golden words that all duah say and will be remembered: "What can my enemies do to me? If they imprison me, that’s my seclusion! if they oust me, that’s my tourism! and if they kill me, they make me a martyr!!"
When Ibn Taimeih was taken to his cell and the gates closed behind him, he recited the verse in the Quran, "So a wall will be put up between them, with a gate therein. Within it, will be Mercy throughout, and without it, all alongside will be (wrath and) punishment!" 57:13.

Prison Site of Ibn Taimeih in Syria

While in prison, he continued to write and give dawah to the people around him. When the authorities saw the effect he had, they secluded him from the general prison population. This is when he resorted to writing as his only means of dawa

When a daieh stops his life of dawah, it is like taking away his heartbeat. This is exactly what happened to the great Imam. The authorities took away his writing instruments and privileges, thus putting a stop to his dawah. This certainly took a toll on Ibn Taimieh. Because shortly thereafter, he, Rahimahu Allah, died in 751 A.H. (1350)

When the guards knew about his death, they stood on the minarets and shouted that Ibn Taimieh had died. People from all over attended his funeral. In fact, it was one of the biggest funerals of all time.

Soon after this, his cap and clothing were auctioned off at high prices because people realized how valuable he was.

For the past 654 years, people have been visiting the prison site of Ibn Taimeih in Syria. That’s the sunnah of Allah, legends live on forever and are constantly remembered. Whereas the savage (informants)!!, (sellouts)!! and (barricaders)!! on dawah of our time, hit the peak at times but die-out fast. That is why, the name of Ibn Taimieh will never be forgotten, and will continue to echo on the tongue of every single student of knowledge whereas his opponents remain unknown.

May Allah subhanu watala raise his place in heaven and enjoin us with him in ferdous.

Ahmad Jibri