by: Ahmad Musa Jibril

I have come to know of a brochure entitled: “this is a Testament from Medina, the Radiant, by al-Shaykh Ahmed, the servant of the Noble Sanctuary of the Prophet” (peace be on him).
In this brochure he says, “I was awake on a Friday night, reciting the Holy Quran after having finished reciting the Beautiful Names of Allah.When I had finished that and prepared myself to go to bed I saw the Messenger ofunable to meet my Lord or the angels, since between one Friday and the other one hundred and sixty thousand people have died on a faith other than Islam.”Then he mentioned some sins which people had committed and said: “This is a testament out of mercy to people from Almighty Allah.”

The he mentioned a few portents of the day of Judgement and said: “So inform them, O Shaykh Ahmad, about this testament that it has been copied by the Pen of Destiny from the Preserved Tablet and whosoever copies it and sends it from one town to the other and from one place to the other, a palace would be built for him in the Paradise; and whoever does not copy it and send it, he shall remain deprived of my
intercession on the day of Judgement. if the person who copies it was theretofore poor, Allah will make him rich; if he was a debtor, Allah will have him relieved of his debts; and if he was overlain with sins, Allah will forgive his own sins as well as those of his parents because of the blessing of this testament. And whoever from among human beings does not copy it, Allah will blacken his face in this world and in the next.”

Al-Shaykh Ahmad continues; “By the great Allah.....this is a fact and if I were lying, may I end my life on a faith other than Islam. And whoever believes this (testament) will be delivered from this torment of the Fire and whoever denies or rejects it, will become an unbeliever.”

The above is a summary of the testament which had been falsely attributed to the Messenger of Allah (upon him be the peace and blessing of Allah). We often heard during the last few years that this false testament was spreading among people from time to time and was circulating among common people. There is some disagreement in the different versions of this so-called testament. According to one version, the author saw the Prophet(peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) while the author was asleep and it was in this state that the testament was entrusted to him.In the other version, as contained in this recent publication, the slanderer claims to have seen the Prophet(peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), not in the state of sleep, but while he was preparing himself to go to bed. In other words, he saw the Prophet(peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) while the former was awake. This
slanderer claims in this testament many things which are patent lies and manifest falsehoods as I will demonstrate in this study. When I came to know of this publication I hesitated to write anything about it since its falsity was so obvious and because this slanderer has shown such boldness in lying that I could not conceive that the testament would be given credence by anyone who had the least perception or sound nature. But many of my friends have informed me that the testament had spread on to may people of whom some even held it true and more recently through the internet.

It has therefore, become imperative to write about it expose its falsity and show that is a calumnious attribution to the Messenger of Allah(peace and blessings be upon him) so that none is possessed of true belief and sound nature and commonsense should come to know that for a number of reasons it was nothing but a lie and slander. Relatives of Al-Shaykh Ahmad to whom this testament is attributed claimed that the attribution of the testament to Al-Shaykh Ahmad is false and that he never said anything of Ethat kind and that he died quite long ago. But even if Al-Shaykh Ahmad, or for that matter anyone of even much higher standing than he, had in fact claimed that he had seen the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) while asleep or awake, and that the latter had made the testament to him, we would
still know for sure that either the claimer was a liar or that the one whom he had seen (in his dream0 and who said to him what he claims to was Satan rather than the Prophet(peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). This is so far several reasons. First, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah upon him) after his return to the mercy of Allah cannot be seen in the sate of wakefulness. As for those, ignorant Sufis who claimed that they saw the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah upon him)while awake, or who claim that he attends the mawlids, etc. they have been guilty of gross error and have indulged in a deception of the highest order and have gone against the Quran, the Sunnah and the consensus (ijma’) of scholars, since the dead will rise out of their grave on the Day of Judgement only rather than in this world.

Whoever holds an opinionn contrary to this indulges in a manifest lie or has fallen a pray to confusion and has failed to perceive the truth recognized by our pious ancestors---the truth-- which was held by the Companions of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah upon him)and by those who followed them has been mentioned by Allah in connection with the attributes of believers:(And then at length you will certainly die; and again ? on the Day of Judgement you will be raised up (XXIII>15-16) ). Thus Allah has informed us that the resurrection of the dead would take place on the day of judgement, and not in this world. Secondly, the Prophet (upon whom be peace and blessings of Allah) cannot say anything contrary to truth either during his lifetime or thereafter. From that standpoint too this testament goes openly counter to his Shariah for many reasons, as we shall see. The Prophet(peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is seen by people in the state of sleep and when a person sees him in sleep in his own countenance, then that person has indeed seen the Prophet(peace be on him) since Satan cannot assume his countenance as has been stated in authentic Hadith.

The question, therefore, is whether the person who claims to have seen the Prophet(peace and blessings of Allah upon him) is possessed of sound faith and probity, of mature understanding, of piety and trustworthiness, or not. One must also ask whether the person concerned saw the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah upon him) in his own countencane or not. Moreover, even if there comes down to us
report about what the Prophet(peace be upon him) had said during his lifetime, but that report has come down to us from the people who are not possessed of probity, trustworthiness and mature understanding, the report would not be credited with acceptance and none may use it as an argument. And even if a report has come down from transmitters who are trustworthy and possessed of sound understanding but it happens to be in conflict with another report which has come down from someone who is preferable in respect of accuracy of remembrance and trustworthiness,and the report is such that it cannot be reconciled with the other, the first of them would be treated as abrogated and would serve as a norm, whereas the second would be treated as the abrogating tradition which ought to Cbe followed.

If that is not possible, nor the two traditions can be reconciled, the tradition transmitted by the one who is less competent in the memorization of traditions, and is less trustworthy would be rejected and treated as an isolated tradition which could not serve as a norm. If that is the principle in respect of traditions from the Prophet(peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) in regard to his words and deeds at the time when he was alive, much more does that testament deserve to be rejected and not be taken any notice of at all when its from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah upon him) and his trustworthiness probity are not known at all, and when there are
many things in the testament which testify to its falsity, and show that its attribution to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah upon him) is a lie. And when this testament implies setting up a new religious law without any sanction from Allah.

One ought to desist from attaching any importance to it in view of the statement made by the Prophet(peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) that “Whoever attributed to me something which I have not said, let occupy his seat made of fire.”And the one who has fabricated this testament has certainly attributed to the Prophet( peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) what he has not said, and has indulged in manifest lie, and hence is rightly one of those to whom this grim
warning is addressed especially if its author does not at once repent and announce to people that he had falsely attributed this testament to the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). For whoever circulates a falsehood among people and attributes it to religion, his repentance is invalid until he makes it public , so that people come to known that he had given his former calumny and had now rescinded his former position.

This accords with the following verse in which Allah says: “Indeed those who conceal the clear proofs and guidance that We have revealed after We have made it clear in the Book for men, these it is on whom shall be the curse of Allah and the curse of those entitled to curse, except those who repent and make amends and openly declare (the truth): to them I turn (mercifully) and compassionate” (II: 159-160).

Thus Allah has made it clear in this verse that whoeverconceals any part of the truth, his repentance is not valid until he reforms himself and openly declares the truth. And Allah has perfected the true religion for His servants and had completed His favorers onto them by sending to them His messenger Muhammad(peace be upon him) and by
revealing to him the perfect religion and in fact He did not recall him until this perfection and enunciation had taken place and Allah has said, “ This day have I perfected for you your religion and completed My favor to you”.....(V:3).

The calumnious author of this testament seeks in the fourteenth century to confuse people in regard to their religion and invents a new religion according to which entry into paradise would depend on following his legal prescription. Conversely, one’s deprivation from paradise and entry into Hell would be the consequence of man’s failure to follow it. This man wants to assign this fabricated testament a position even greater and higher than that of the Quran since he claims that whoever copies it and sends from one city and from one place to another place, for him there would be built a place in paradise.

As for the one who does not copy it nor send it to others, he would be deprived of the intercession of the Prophet( peace be upon him) on the Day of Judgement. And this of course is the vilest lie and constitutes one of the most obvious proofs of the falsity of the testament and of the sheer brazenness of its author and his boldness in inventing lies.

Now, even the one who copies the Holy Quran and sends it from one city to another city and from one place to another place cannot be assured of this high degree of reward if he does not act according to the quran. Then, how can it be conceived that the person who copies this piece of calumny and dispatches it from place to place can be assured of a reward denied to the copyists of the Qur’an? Again, the person who
does not copy the Qur’an and not dispatch it from city to city is not deprived of the intercession of the Prophet(peace be upon him) provided he believes in him and follows his Shariah, whereas it is being claimed that whoever does not copy and dispatch this false document would be deprived of the Prophets’s intercession (peace be upon him).

In fact just this piece of calumny in the testament suffices to prove its falsity, and the insolence and stupidity. And the remoteness f rom knowledge of the true guidance preached by the Prophet(peace be upon him) on the part of the author of the testament. In addition to what had already been mentioned, there are several other things in the testament which demonstrate its being a piece of lie and falsehood. And
even if its calumnious author swore thousand times or more about its being true and no matter how vehemently he invoked Allah’s wrath and punishment incase he were not the telling the truth, he would still not be veracious not this testament true. By Allah it is one of the greatest lies and vilest falsehoods and we bear witness to Allah--Glory be to Him---and we bear witness to the angels who are attending to us, and to those Muslims who are aware of the writing that we shall meet Allah with the testimony that this testament has been calumniously attributed to the Prophet(peace be on him) and that He may humiliate the one who has lied in this matter and mete out to him the treatment he deserves. EEEThe falsity of the testament is proved by many other things as well in addition to the arguments mentioned above.

One of these is the statement that between one Friday and the other there died one hundred and sixty thousand people on a faith other than Islam. This augurs the falsity of the document since this amounts to knowledge of the Unseen which the Prophet(peace be on him) did not posses even while he was alive, let alone after his death whence even revelation ceased. Allah---- Glory be to Him---- says: “Say: I say not to you. I have with me treasures of Allah, no do I know the Unseen”(VI:50). He also says: “Say! none in the heavens or the earth knows the Unseen Save Allah.”According to an authenticated tradition from the prophet(peace be on him) he said: “On the Day of Judgment some people will be driven away from my cistern and then I will say lord!(but they are) my Companions. Then I will be told: OYou do not
know the innovations they introduce after you.’ The I will say in manner of the virtuous man (Issa) who said: “And I was witness over them whilst I dwelt amongst them. But when You took me up, then You were watcher over them. And You are a witness to everything”(V:117).

The second proof of the falsity of this testament and of its being a lie is the author’s contention that: “If the person who copies it was therefore poor, Allah will make him rich; if he was a debtor; Allah will have him relieved of his debts; Allah will have him relieved of his debts; and if he was overslain with sin, Allah will pardon his own
sins and that of his parents because of the blessing of this testament.....”etc. This, in fact, is the biggest lie and the clearest proof of the authors unveracity and unabashedness towards Allah and towards human beings, since one does not achieve the three things mentioned above by copying the Quran.

Then, how can these three things be achieved by copying this false testament? The mischievous author wants to confound people and wants them to become so dependent on this testament that they keep themselves occupied with copying it, entertaining hopes of achieving this chimerical excellence, and abandon the means which have been laid down by Allah for human beings in order to achieve wealth, relief from debt and forgiveness of sins. We see Allah’s refuge from resorting to those
means which lead to nothing but disappointment, and from following the dictates of carnal desires and of Satan. The third proof of the falsity of the testament is the statement of the author: “And whoever from among human beings does not copy this testament, Allah will blacken his face in this world and in the next.”

This also one of the vilest lies among the most manifest proofs of falsity of this testament of the unveracity of its author. How can any sensible man believe that one who does not copy the testament of this obsecure person of the fourteenth century (of hijrah) who calumniously attributes it to the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) and who claims that the face of everyone who does not copy the
said document would be blackened in this world and in the next; and that, conversely, the one who copies it, and relieved of debts if he was indebted, and his sins would be forgiven if he had commited them? There are numerous arguments as well as observable fatcs which prove the unveracity of theauthor, and his insolence and lack of shame toward Allah and men. For there are a great many people who have not copied the testament and yet their faces have not been blackened.

On the contrary there are innumerable people who did copy the testament several times yet theirs debts were not cleared and their poverty too persisted. And we seek from our hearts getting perverse and our becoming overwhelmed by sins. For, the attainments and rewards mentioned in the testament have not been laid down by the noble shariah even for copying the book which is greatest and most meritorious, to
wit, the Holy Quran. Then, how can these merits and rewards be attained by the one who copies a false testament comprising a variety of falsehoods and several kinds of unbelief. Glory be to Allah. How patient and tolerant He has been towards the one who has ascribed to Him such outrageous lies! The fourth thing which proves that this testament is one of the most manifest lies is the statement: “And whoever believes this (testament) will be saved from the torment of fire and whoever denies or rejects it, he would become an unbeliever.”This also shows tremendous boldness in lying and vilest kind of faleshood. For, this slanderer calls people to believe his calumny and claims that by so doing they would be delivered from the torment of Hell-fire and that whoever denies or rejects it would become an unbeliever. How monstrous a calcumny against Allah! By Allah, the one who believes this deserves to become an unbeliever rather than the one who believes it since the testament is sheer calumny and falsehood and lie. It is devoid of any truth whatsoever.

We bear witness than its author is a big liar who wants to lay down a new religious law which has no sanction from Allah and wants to introduce in religion something which is not a part of it even though Allah perfected and completed the religion of this ummah about fourteen centuries before this calumny was fabricated. So, let all be warned against believing calumines such as these and allowing them to spread,
for Truth has its own lustre and cannot remain hidden from those who seek it. People should seek the truth through its signs and ask the learned in regard to the things which they fail to grasp. they should neither allow themselves to be deceived by the oaths of liars for the cursed Satan too swore to our parents-- i.e., Adam and eve, that he was their sincere well-wisher even though he was a great deceiver and liar as has been mentioned by Allah in the chapter Al- A’raf where Ahllah--Glory be to Him--- Says; “And he swore to them both: Surely I am indeed your sincere adviser?.(VII:21).

So, beware of Satan and his calumnious followers for they have many false oaths, perfidious commitments and lustrous words in order to mislead people. May Allah save me, you, and all Muslims from the evil of the Satans, from the allurements of those who misguide, from the perversity of the perverse, and the confusions created by the enemies of Allah who wish to extinguish the light of Allah and to confound people about their religion although Allah wishes to perfect His light and is the supporter of His religion no matter how intensely the enemies of Allah--- the Satans and their followers.--the unbelievers and the atheists-- might resent this.

As for the emergence of various evils mentioned by the slanderer, that indeed is true. And the Holy Quran and the Sunnah have forewarned us to the utmost in respect of tha. These warnings constitute our guidance and they indeed suffice. We ask Allah to reform Muslims and favor them by enabling them to follow the truth and persevere in that and to turn to Allah with repentance in respect of their sins. For He indeed is
oft-acceptor of repentance and he indeed has power over everything.

The signs of the Day of Judgement have also been mentioned in the brochure . These have been fully explained in the Holy Quran and in the traditions of the Prophet(peace be on him) and whatever one finds there is sufficient for our guidance. Whoever wants to know that, would find it in its proper place in the books of Sunnah, and in the works of scholars possessed of sound knowledge and true faith. In that connection people need not have recourse to statements such as those of the calumnious author, or his confounding claims or his adulteration of truth with falsehood. Verily, Allah Sufficeth us. And He indeed is a good guardian. And there is no power and no strength except that of Allah, the Exalted, the Great. And praise belongs to Allah, the lord of the universe. May His peace and blessings be upon His servant and messenger, the true and the trustworthy, and upon his offspring and compani